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    Skyherb Inspected by FDA
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    As a dedicated botanical extract manufacturer specializes in natural ingredients extraction for over 14 years. Skyherb has grown to be a major supplier to the US market. As part of its FSMA compliance oversight, Skyherb’s facility underwent FDA inspection in late August. Skyherb will further strive to improve its product quality and service for its overseas customers.

    Food and Drug Administration, or as known as FDA, is authorized by the United States Federal Government. It’s the highest law enforcement agency specialized in food and drug management. It’s also a health regulatory agency composed of doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, chemists and statisticians, and dedicated to the protection, promotion and improvement of human’s health.

    FDA requests an inspection for those foreign manufacturing and processing sites for FDA-regulated products that are sold in the United States. An inspection always examines the production process, look at certain records and collect samples.

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