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    Mass Production of High Concentrate Ginseng Extract with Low Pesticide Residue from Skyherb
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    As a leading ginseng extract manufacturer in China, Skyherb achieved the mass production of high concentrate ginseng extract with low pesticide residue, and expect reach a 30mt capacity. This new product can meet EC396, EP, and USP561 standards.

    Skyherb has always strictly controlled the source of ginseng raw materials, all raw materials come from the ginseng planting base in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province. In April 2019, we established a strategic co-operation with Fusong County, where China's high-quality ginseng originated. Fusong County is located at the west side of Changbai Mountain, surrounded by water and mountains, and it is known as the ginseng town of China. Fusong has 1280 years history of ginseng harvesting, and over 400 years of ginseng growing. The suitable environment provides a consistent and stable supply to Skyherb with high quality ginseng.

    Skyherb owns a unique method to produce high-concentrate ginseng extract. By the dynamic countercurrent extraction, we can extract the active ingredients from ginseng, and converts part of acidic saponin to free ginsenosides in order to save active ingredients. The combination of simulated moving bed chromatography and macroporous resin chromatography can remove pesticide residue effectively.

     According to evaluation from experts, this technology is taking a leading position. And it helps us to won the award of Zhejiang Province's new industrial products in 2018.

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